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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  June 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the blue, if that thing moves faster, then we're okay for the heavy rain being shifted to the east. we anticipate it getting stuck in this juicy pattern allowing for the possibility of it. if we click this one more time we'll show you the grand total. now that's not saying we could see 2 to 4 in isolated spots. so what to expect for central maryland. heaviest rain. how long does it last? maybe possibly into saturday morning, depending on how fast the storm moves. any thunderstorm that develops could put down some localized flooding. now the eastern shore, you're going to be close to the center of the storm. there's going to be some spin around the center. we'll keep it an isolated tornado threat. we could see a spinoff tornado. that will be the exception rather than the rule.
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we'll talk more about it. wyatt everhart will be back. for now we'll send this back inside to you guys. >> we may get rain. rote now that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be prepared for some serious rain and andrea certainly won't be the last major storm we deal with the hurricane preparedness kicked off on jiewnt 1st. anne arundel county officials used it to remind people how much damage was done last year from superstorm sandy. they're recommending that every family put together a disaster kit. >> i'll have 15, 20 cars weighting in the parking lot --
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waiting in the parking lot for the door to open. >> there's a system called code red that they use in the case of severe weather. but they use landlines. now as hurricane andrea makes its way to maryland, we'll continue to update you. just head to slashdown loads. >> an intrude are assaulted students. >> jeff hager has more. jeff? >> police believe the man who terrified the school in elkton may have felt his on measure of terror to realize that he was the threat. >> as will son in stranger
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danger came on this playground when james briscoe, all 280 plus pounds of them came stumbling at them. >> as teachers were getting the students inside the building, he was able to enter at which point he made his way through. >> ultimately school officials confronted brings cope and -- briscoe and he was arrested. a robocall was made. >> a man force blip entered the -- force blip entered -- forcibly entered the building. >> one is in the middle school. their band was performing. >> reporter: it appears briscoe
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was under the -- the influence. more important to the school system is how everyone reacted to measures they learned during their safe skills test. >> what's critical is your response to that situation and that response is second nature. that's exactly what we saw. the students knew what to do. the staff knew what to do and that's what makes the difference. >> briscoe was transported to union hospital complaining of chest pains. he will face a series of charges including assault, trespassing and resisting arrest. we have breaking news, tend stinks. we have a major sewage break affecting the jones falls. the main has been spewing about
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100 gallons a minute. crews have been putting dye in the water to identify where the break is. we want to update you on some of the breaking news we brought you last night at 11:00 a baltimore police officer is on administrative leave after a shooting death. a man tried to pull the officer's gun out of the holster. police were called to the col money motel. a woman said 57 -- 57-year-old arnette meyers tried to hit her with his scooter. meyers was pronounced dead at the scene. the incident is still under investigation. we're getting a look at the recommendations on what changes need to be made at the baltimore
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detention center. abc2's christian schaffer has more. >> reporter: a lot of people are wondering what this will do for his future. he was facing questions about what went wrong and what meet be done in order to fix it. many of those questions focusing on a 2009 indictment, a case where gang leader rick brown was indpietd along with five corrections officers. why didn't anything change. he testified his department has been make changing, identifying
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gang affiliations. more than 100 have been fired since 2009. the department said they have partnered with the fbi. once they did, the fbi's investigation was allowed to continue. as that issue of finding officers who were not corrupt, the secretary admitted the pressures they face from inmates and detain es are -- detainees are immense. >> a lot of people who come in are clean. over team they get corrupted by con men who are in the system. i think they fall prey to corruption. i don't think they come in with it. >> reporter: that's why the goal is to clean the system. we'll hear about the details.
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the detainee tavon wheat impregnating corrections officers. for now we're live in annapolis, christian schaffer. >> christian has been doing a great job. you can get more at chris at abc2. now to a developing story out of washington that directly afect the privacy of more than a million americans. >> civil liberty groups are crying foul after phone records for much of verizon customers were secretly seized. >> we have more on the scandal. >> the obama administration is defending the national security agency's collection of telephone records from u.s. citizens. while a senior official won't confirm that the nsa has been
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collecting records under a secret court over, it does point out the records are a vital counter-terrorism tool. >> the government has been successful in identifying people and stopping attacks as a result of this program coupled with other investigative techniques. >> reporter: even though the order allows for the collection of the number and frequency and not listen in, civil liberty groups are outraged. aclu calls it alarming. >> privacy must be a priority. the order does not identify intended targets or explain why the government is casting such a
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wide net but today one senior member of congress said this is nothing new. >> we want to protect people's private rights. that's why this is carefully done. >> reporter: congress passed the patriot act and other laws allowing the administration to spy on americans. tahman bradley. >> in the push to make the morning after pill over the counter. >> a ruling that may make it easier for your teen to get their hands on it. >> and a bombing match between two men. >> this man thought he tipped the driver -- until his phone rang a little while later.
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you should have open access to the morning after pill without prescription. it only applies to the two pill version, not the newer one. it's now up to the government to decide. >> the first part of the weekend could be rained out but by sunday lots of us will be getting back outside. sometimes we need to take care of our eyes while we're in the sun. linda so has more. >> we spend more time in the sun. we put on spun screen to protect the skin but what about the eyes? >> we often ignore fact more delicate tissues around the eye
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are more susceptible. >> reporter: uv rays can burnt eyes, just like the skin. >> those who wore hats with a brim had less prevalence of cataract development later in life. those who wore sunglasses had less development. those with sunglasses and a hat had the lowest. >> reporter: make shower it says 100% uv protection. >> just block the light, our pupils dilate. when it dilates, it lets more light into the eye. that's even more damage. you have to be careful to make sure you have sunglasses. >> reporter: if you have kids, it's never too early to start protecting their eyes. you can find sunglasses made for children. the frames bend but don't break.
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>> polarized lens will only let light come in at a certain angle and eliminate the glare. it allows you to see things with less glare. >> reporter: it also helps to know at what point of the day uv exposure is at its worst. >> in the morning and the sun's angle is at a high are degree. >> reporter: linda so, abc2 news. as we look at florida, you can see the center of andrea. interesting to see the sun. we have the well defined circulation last it comes in just north or actually about 100
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miles north of tallahassee. this is the center making that official landfall. we look for a lot of that moisture to cap and continue to go up the cost. it's a large system that moisture already running up toward maryland. we'll dows look for wet weather. let's take you down to florida with some of the weather bug cameras. you can see in clear wart beach it's -- clearwater beach, it's worth looking at. the gulf is normally a calm body of water. different camera angle. you get an idea of what it will like around maryland as you look at the time lapse. clouds have rolled in a few showers but not a heavy steady rain at least for the central part. hagerstown is getting heavy
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rain. you see that on the state radar angle to the west. pretty heavy bands. this rain is tapping all the way south. there's the frontal boundary pushing out of the west. you add it all together and we have the potential for the one to two inch rain tomorrow. the flash flood watch has been issued. we'll get the morning rain. that will mean the potential for flooding in low lying areas. the winds are benign. we could get gusty with the front pushing in. it doesn't look like a huge pressure gradient but it will be gusty at times. reduced visibility. this is why we think the morning commute will be a tough one. it's tough to see when you get the heavy steady rains.
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future trend, maps in motion. what type of morning will you be facing. this is 5 a.m. kicking off the morning commute. give yourself extra time f we get a big enough push, maybe some of the heaviest rain will regenerate offshore or in the eastern part of delmarva but we'll have to keep the threat in through tomorrow evening. some of the downpours could be heavy. you see the heavy rain that is andrea. we get an idea of what's moving in our direction. tonight down to 65, cloudy with rain. tomorrow 378 as andrea arrives. in the next few days temperatures will recover as we clear things out saturday into sunday. sunday looks fairly dry. we'll keep the chance for showers as the whole system
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begins to blow out early saturday morning. >> keep it right here. >> all right. here you go. a man who tipped a pizza delivery driver three bucks for three pizzas is bad after someone called and said he was the worst tip are of the night. he ordered it from a papa john's. someone called him back later complaining about the tip, and that's not all. >> and we want you to come back to the store so we can take your picture and put it on the wall. >> papa john's said they were not affiliated with the call. >> parents behaving badly. >> now one mother is facing charges after getting into a feet at an plool talent show. we'll tell you what started it all. a dangerous situation for a reporter when one woman didn't
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want to talk. you won't believe this story when we come back.
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you're right. it's bad. i'm so sorry about that. >> this florida mom trying to explain herself after getting into a fight with another parent at an elementary school talent show. she got upset when another mother knocked over her 3-year-old daughter. >> once you knock my baby over, i just snapped and she did not say she's sorry. >> james said she put her hands on the other woman's throat but said the other woman shoved her
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first. a reporter tried to talk with the mother of the victim. she didn't want to talk. the woman started throwing rocks. ship went inside came back with a baseball bat. the woman com commanded -- woman commanded her dogs to attack the reporter and they did. she is charged with felony assault. coming up the abc2 investigators are looking into an abortion clinic that was shut down. >> the vegs into what was happening right here. >> plus, a push to give you more power if someone steals your smartphone. >> and tonight we're thankful for this deputy and you will too, when you hear his story. >> andrea pick up a little bit of strength. now her track is pushing right up into maryland. we'll show you that when we come
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back on abc2 news at 5.
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this is what the jones falls expressway -- jones falls watershed looked like. the break has been located at stoney run. >> a scare for students, teachers and parents. james briscoe was unauthorized to enter the school. he allegedly assaulted four students alerting a robocall. it appears briscoe may have been under the influence at the time. weather wise, it's all about andrea and the rain impacting our state. we have the moisture in the gulf
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states. one of the reasons we have, tropical warnings. a flash flood watch. look at the warnings going up the coast. andrea already having her impact as she makes landfall in northern florida with winds gusting higher, moving northeast. speeding up as she comes to shore. that track bringing andrea through central maryland as we go into friday and early saturday, so there you go. clearing as we go into saturday. we want to cover the storm from all angles. we have mike masco. >> you look at that cone


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